Thinking about getting started with Aquaponics?

AQUAPONICS // Image courtesy ryan griffis


At VogelPeace Farms, we are too!  As we continue putting together our very first aquaponics setup, here is a look at some of the basics of aquaponics, and how to get started.

Aquaponics is the combination of fish farming and hydroponic farming/gardening in a closed or semi-closed loop system.  The basic idea is that the waste from the fish is converted to nutrients for plants, which filter beneficial nutrients from the water and return clean water to the fish.  More general information on the basics of aquaponics can be found on wikipedia, or at  this guide from the Mother Nature Network.  Some good academic research and publications are available from the USDA.  New info can always be found at the aquaponics subreddit.


If you’re ready to get your rocks wet with your own aquaponics setup, there are several options out there to choose from.  This Top 5 list from is a great place to start.  For under $60, the Back to the Roots Aqua Farm is one of the cheapest options to begin to get some hands-on experience in aquaponics.  Another option is the recently kickstarter-funded Aqualibrium, available now for pre-order at $330.  For professional help on the design and build of a larger system, check out Kijani Grows, an early inspiration for us here at Vogelpeace Farms.

Of course, there is clearly a lot of overlap between those that might be interested in aquaponics and the DIY set.  If this sounds like you and you’re ready to try your hand at designing and/or building your very own setup, the following are some good tutorials, guides, and resources to help you get started, curated from all over the web:

Instructables 1:

Instructables 2:



The Urban Farming Guys:


As you get your setup up and running, also be sure to look into automating the tasks of your aquaponics system, as well as making adjustments to avoid plant nutrient deficiency and toxicity in your fish water.  Of course, you should also click the aquaponics tab at the top of this page and bookmark it so you can check back later on the latest aquaponics information from Vogelpeace Farm.  Happy fish & veggie farming!

Already set up an aquaponics system?  Tell us about it in the comments!


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